Conservatory Awnings/Sunroom Awnings

Information about VARISOL conservatory/sunroom awnings

Enjoy your sunroom without being heated up:

Mounting a VARISOL conservatory awning above the glass roof is the best way to provide shade for your conservatory before it is being heated up.

Meet our VARISOL conservatory awnings:

VARISOL conservatory awning W300

VARISOL Small conservatory awning W300 was designed as a special external sun protection for the installation above small conservatories. 
Maximum sizes are 4.500 mm x 4.500 mm (maximum fabric size can be 18m² for each field) or coupling of up to four fields of 4.500 mm awning width.



VARISOL conservatory awning W450

VARISOL Flexible conservatory awning W450 offers an optimum solution for conservatories with unusual roof shapes. The W450 has not - as usual - its guide rails attached to the awning ends, but they can variably be pushed inwards. 
Maximum sizes are 6.000 mm x 5.000 mm.



VARISOL conservatory awning W500

VARISOL Large conservatory awning W500 was designed as a special sun protection awning for installation above large conservatories. 

With maximum sizes of 6.500 mm x 6.500 mm (maximum fabric size can be 39m² for each field) or coupling of four fields with an awning width of 6.000 mm W500 is able to give sun protection for great sunrooms. If needed VARISOL W500 can be ordered with corner deflection - to give additional frontal shading.