Window Awnings (vertical awnings/window blinds)

Information about VARISOL vertical blinds/window blinds/window awnings

Whether you are at work or at home - access to natural light animates body and mind.
VARISOL window awnings guarantee a beautiful view with optimal sun protection.
They also provide a comfortable ambient temperature by absorbing the sun's rays before they enter the building.


Meet our VARISOL window awnings

VARISOL F100 Slim vertical awning

As an addition to the front terrace roof, it intercepts low sun rays and provides pleasant light conditions: the slim VARISOL-vertical awning F100. It is multifunctional and at once elegant in design. F100 is our lightest model of the window awnings.

VARISOL F411/F412 Slim vertical awning with cable / rail

Especially for vertical glass areas, such as windows and patio doors the VARISOL window awnings F411/F412 offer best shading solutions. F411 is a vertical awning guided by cable, F412 is a vertical awning with rail guidance.

VARISOL F413/F513 vertical awning with ZIP

Perfect grip and closed sunscreen: By side-mounted zippers, the awning fabric of VARISOL window awnings F413 (half round box) and F513 (cubic box) will be fixed securely through the guide rails. The awning closes perfectly on all sides - that prevents not only the usual light gap, but also protects the ingress of insects.  

VARISOL F421/F422 Droparm awning 

The drop arm awnings VARISOL F421 and F422 guarantee a free view and best possible sun protection. Depending on the length of fabric, the awning can take a nearly vertical position (F422).

F421 is a drop arm awning with failure up to 90 degrees, F422 is a drop arm awning with a projection to an almost vertical position of droparm. 

VARISOL F431 Marquisolette

In this Marquisolette individual elements connect both types to a new model:
The functionality is simple but practical: the upper part of the awning material stays basically vertically in projection, the height can be adjusted individually. The lower part of the F431 Marquisolette fabric is pulled out by droparms with integrated smooth roller glides (possible angle is up to 158 degrees).