Retractable Cassette Awnings

Varisol's retractable cassette awnings are fitted into a solid aluminium housing. The housing offers protection from the weather and hides the entire technology and the awning fabric in a modern and elegant cover.


The weather protection ensures a permanently shining awning cloth and ensures that even rain and wind cannot damage the awning when it is closed. Dirt deposits are no problem with a cassette awning. Leaves and dirt do not settle in the retracted state of the awning and thus reduce the cleaning effort.


Varisol's cassette awning is an optical highlight in addition and are ideal for shading your terrace or balcony.


VARISOL Retractable Cassette Awnings


VARISOL cassette awning K100

Our starter model of cassette awnings, the VARISOL K100, provides reliable privacy and sun protection especially on small balconies and terraces and offers trendy design and perfect technology at an attractive price. 

VARISOL cassette awning K200

As the "big sister" of the K100, the K200 captivates with aluminium side caps. Stable technology, a maximum size of 6,000mm x 3,500mm and an elegant design convince with our new development.

VARISOL cassette awning K350

The VARISOL K350 cassette awning convinces not only by its excellent material properties, but also by its impressively good appearance: The elegantly rounded awning box in softline look with aluminium side caps attracts everyone's attention. A cover integrated into the box profile protects the fabric from the front.

VARISOL cassette awning K450

With its clear, puristic design, the VARISOL K450 cassette awning harmonises perfectly with modern “Bauhaus”-style architectural buildings. The cassette awning can also convince with the latest technology, versatility and assembly advantages.

Thanks to its right angles and straight lines - in combination with the straight drop bar - the K450 can be excellently integrated into facades.

And even then, the cloth shaft can be conveniently removed to the front.

VARISOL cassette awning K500

Meet the awning of the extra class: The K500 cassette awning is the top model of the VARISOL cassette awnings and, with its attractive appearance, numerous accessories and perfect technology, puts every terrace in the spotlight. Their stable construction also allows large areas to be shaded: a maximum size of 7,000 mm x 4,000 mm or coupling maximum 3 elements with a wide of 6.000 mm each.