Fabrics for awnings by VARISOL

There are virtually no limits to the selection of awning fabrics.

The VARISOL fabric collection contains over 200 different designs. As standard, our awnings are covered with an acrylic cloth. Vertical awnings of our range window awnings can also be covered with semi-transparent fabrics, so-called "screens". These are usually made of polyester.

Are you looking for a special fabric for your awning which you won't find in the VARISOL collection right away? Ask your specialist retailer - we make almost any desired awning cloth possible, even outside our collection.

On the following pages you will find everything you need to know about fabric types for awning covers, the selection of a suitable awning cover and information on cleaning and care of awning covers.

Information on Fabric Types
VARISOL fabric collection - Choose from more than 200 designs
more than 200 designs
Characteristics of fabrics