Fabrics for awnings by VARISOL

There are no limits when selecting a fabric for your VARISOL-awning.
VARISOL fabric collection includes more than 200 designs.
Standard is acrylic fabric. Vertical blinds or window awnings may be chosen with screens (see-through material), which is mostly made of polyester.

On our website we provide you with some digital impressions of what the fabric of your choice may look like. However, we strongly recommend to make your final decision at a specialised dealer, where you will get the chance to select your fabric.
Also, if there are special requests concerning the fabric or you have already chosen a fabric which is not part of the VARISOL-collection, please don't hesitate to contact your VARISOL-dealer, since we make almost any fabric design possible.

On the following pages you can find some more information on the different materials that are used in the production of awning fabrics. Moreover you can explore more than 200 different designs, of which you can choose when configuring your individual VARISOL awning or learn about our fabric-care recommendations.

VARISOL folding arm awning G100Xtra
information on different materials
VARISOL fabric collection - Choose from more than 200 designs
more than 200 designs
Characteristics of fabrics