Conservatory Blinds

Varisol's range of conservatory blinds offers customised sun and heat protection: mounted above the glass roof, the shade providers absorb a large part of the sun's rays before they can even enter the building. In this way, our conservatory awnings ensure that you always keep a cool head, even in the comfort of your conservatory.

Advantages of external roof blinds

 Sun, heat and glare protection
 absorbs sun rays and heat to reduce internal heat gain

Awning fabrics: durable and bright colours

Unlimited personalization for your unique shading system

The awning fabric determines the visual character of the awning. In restrained tones, it leaves the architecture the big stage or sets its own accents with fresh, bright colours. Our awning covers made of brand-name acrylic or polyester are weather-resistant and colour-fast. Our high-quality awning fabrics from renowned fabric weavers are dirt-repellent, weatherproof, UV-resistant, protected against fungal attack and remain in excellent shape for years.

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