Whether drinking coffee in a café or having a cheerful family party in the garden at home - sunny weather is twice as good to enjoy outdoors. Varisol's pergolas have been particularly developed to shade large outdoor areas. They reliably provide sun protection for enormous areas. If the awning has sufficient inclination, it can be used as rain protection to a certain extent.

Advantages of Pergolas

 Shading system for large terraces
 reliable solar protection all year round
 can be used as a rain cover

Awning fabrics: durable and bright colours

Unlimited personalization for your unique shading system

The awning fabric determines the visual character of the awning. In restrained tones, it leaves the architecture the big stage or sets its own accents with fresh, bright colours. Our awning covers made of brand-name acrylic or polyester are weather-resistant and colour-fast. Our high-quality awning fabrics from renowned fabric weavers are dirt-repellent, weatherproof, UV-resistant, protected against fungal attack and remain in excellent shape for years.

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