B300 - Dutch awning

Commonly, french awnings can be found in front of hotels, restaurants or retailers. They are mainly used to protect a business' entrance from either sun-rays or from rain and snow. Besides covering entrances or shop windows, french awnings are also used as billboards.

VARISOL's B300 answers all of these purposes. Due to its robust frame, the B300 can even withstand heavy loads and is suitable to cover your customers from snow and rain. Furthermore, you can imprint your firm's logo or any advertising text.

The B300 is available in a variety of shapes and can be fitted with fabrics from Mehler Texnologies.

VARISOL's french awnings  are always custom-made, what means that they'll leave nothing to be desired.

  • dimensions and equipment
  • fabrics and colors
  • pictures
  • tech. details
  • technical drawings
  • min. width 400mm
  • max. width 6.000mm
  • max. projection 2.000mm (min. projection: 400mm)
  • motor operation for extra charge
  • graphics for extra charge
  • acrylic fabric: standard
  • PVC fabric: standard
  • fabric collection: PDFVARISOL fabric collection
  • valance styles:
    VARISOL Volantform gerade
    1 (straight)
    VARISOL Volantform gebogt
    2 (classic)
    VARISOL Volantform kurzeWelle
    3 (short wave)
    VARISOL Volantform langeWelle
    4 (long wave)
  • optional colors:
    RAL 9016
    RAL 9016
  • Awning shapes: Curved/basket awnings are manufactured with rigid frames in the standard version. Other shapes and folding frames are possible at an extra charge. Racks with flat design (drop-out > basket height) can only be supplied in inflexible design.
  • Awning frame: Bow made of extruded aluminium profile, E6EV1 anodised. The number of bows depends on the awning outage. Corners either made of cast aluminium or bent bow profile (with corner radius 400 - 600 mm). Fixed awnings with aluminium flat tension bar.
  • Wall mounting brackets and hinges are cast aluminium parts.
  • Covering made of PVC fabric or acrylic, design according to valid colour sample card.
  • Flounce: Height 150 mm, shape 1 - 4 of your choice. Special shapes for an extra charge. Standard colour of the edging tape to match the colour of the covering.
  • Decorative ribbons and nails to match the covering.
  • Operation: Folding awning frames can be operated by cord, crank drive or motor drive.
  • Options (at an extra charge): Cover made of ACRYL, VALMEX-SOL or PVC awning fabric. When using these coverings, permanent creases and waviness in the area of the arches are unavoidable. Foldable design only possible in combination with ACRYL or PVC curtain fabric. Operation with cord, gear or motor. Intermediate bow (recommended for widths over 4,500 mm).
  • Labelling according to our font types. The lettering for basket awnings is applied as standard to the centre of the lowest covering field. Another arrangement is possible according to the sketch. Special font types, font heights over 500 mm and emblems/logos on request.
  • Note on the delivery of arched/basket awnings: they are usually delivered folded. Folded awning frames must be fixed again after opening by screwing in the fixing brackets. Please note that awnings covered with PVC must be opened very carefully (in cool weather in a heated room). The creases in the PVC covering caused by folding disappear when the foil is gently heated with hot air.