Outdoor Roof Blinds

Outdoor roofs are trendy. Not surprising - who doesn't want a durable, stable roof over their head that allows them to enjoy breakfast outdoors even in the rain? The problem: If the weather is too good, the construction quickly turns into a greenhouse. VARISOL's outdoor roof blinds provide cooling sun protection. The terrace blinds offer the highest VARISOL quality: powder-coated and equipped with a rail guide, and tension spring system, they combine high-quality finish with comfort and stability - and visually enhance any terrace.

VARISOL Outdoor Roof Blinds

VARISOL T90 Manual Outdoor Roof Blind

With the manual T90 blind VARISOL offers a feel-good atmosphere at a favourable price. With a width of up to 5,500 mm and a projection of up to 4,000 mm, the T90 is particularly suitable for the slightly smaller terrace roofs. It dispenses with an awning box and is operated manually by hand drive. 

VARISOL T200 Outdoor Roof Blind

Permanently installed outdoor roofs can withstand any rain - but they offer only limited protection from the sun and heat. The awning for your VARISOL T200 patio roof or glass roof is ideal here: It is installed directly under the glass roof and guarantees you a pleasant stay on the terrace.

In addition to its slimline guide rails, a drop bar that is aligned with the guide rails and the attractive awning box, the T200 is particularly easy to handle. A motor drive with electronic limit switch is fitted as standard.

VARISOL T350 Outdoor Roof Blind with ZIP

The VARISOL T350 is ideal for shading larger outdoor roofs. It follows the design line of the successful VARISOL T200 model. Its maximum dimensions are 6,000 mm wide and 5,000 mm wide. In addition, it can even be connected up to a width of 10,000 mm.