Retractable Awnings (open and semi-cassettes)

Varisol's retractable awnings provide clever shade at weather-protected installation locations. With articulated arm awnings, there is no need for a complete cassette around the awning. As a result they appear very slim and discreet.

We distinguish between open and semi-cassette retractable awnings - open retractable awnings have no awning box at all, semi-open retractable awnings have a protective roof at the top, but no box or protection for the awning cover at the Bottom.

Retractable awnings are therefore ideally suited for installation under a canopy, in wall niches or with generous balcony and roof projections. They also offer ideal sun protection for your terrace or balcony.

VARISOL Open and Semi-Cassette Retractable Awnings

VARISOL G100 Comfort Retractable Awning 

G100 has truly earned its title as a comfort articulated arm awning though the use of heavy-duty components. The aluminium fittings are powder-coated and therefore impact and scratch-resistant.  
Maximum sizes are 7.000 mm x 4.000 mm or coupling of maximum of 3 elements with a width of 6.000 mm each.

VARISOL G100 X-tra Cross-Arm Awning
G100X-tra can shade with more projection than width because the articulatetd arms cross each other. Thus this model is the optimal awning for slim areas such as balconies. Maximum sizes are 5.000mm x 4.000mm.

VARISOL G250 Semi-Cassette Awning
G250 semi-cassette awning is the ideal solution at installation locations, where the use of open awnings is just as unwise as the installation of a cassette awning with all-round protection for cloth and technology. When retracted, the mechanics and awning fabric are reliably secured from above and from the sides by the roof. An optionally available fabric guide shell encloses the fabric in the lower area.
Maximum sizes are 7.000 mm x 4.000 mm or coupling of maximum of 3 elements with a wide of 6.000 mm each.

VARISOL G350 Retractable Awning
G350 built-in awning was specially designed for installation in building niches. Its square drop bar guarantees a clean finish with the façade. It offers high stability with an enormous variety of sizes. The rain gutter integrated in the drop bar drains rainwater to the side. Maximum sizes are 7.000 mm x 4.000 mm.