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VARISOL is a SME located in Mönchengladbach (North Rhine-Westphalia) with a current workforce of about 140 employees.

Managed by Karl Rödelbronn and Andreas Rödelbronn in second - respectively third - generation we are proudly looking back on more than 50 years of corporate history.

Our shading systems are of high quality and we are keen to maintain high standards. Keeping the production from the very first to the last step within one production plant enables to monitor the entire process and guarantees the highest quality of our products.

We are partner to retailers in 18 countries worldwide and are delighted to provide you with superb and custom-made shading systems through one of our specialised dealerships.

There is nothing we can't shade! VARISOL - We are awnings.

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Zweite Werkstatt Rödelbronn GmbH
Learn more about Rödelbronn since 1965
VARISOL - Die Marke der Rödelbronn GmbH
VARISOL - Brand of Rödelbronn GmbH
Rödelbronn GmbH Produktion
get an idea of what our factory looks like
VARISOL corporate movie
VARISOL corporate movie

Awnings can help increasing the energy efficiency of our homes

You should timely consider to equip your home with appropriate sun shades. For example, window awnings will maintain a pleasant ambient temperature during summers and can be used as visual covers to enhance privacy throughout the year.

Innovative shading systems: The detached Q.bus will create an outdoor lounge and provides protection from sun rays, winds and even moderate rain. It can also be used as a cabana, which gives shade right next to your swimming pool or any other place, where you like to spend your leisure time. Feel free to watch the Q.bus product video, which gives you an idea of the diverse possible applications.

We offer different types of awnings


Regardless whether you are looking for shades that will cover your balcony, conservatory, terrace or windows - we are able to provide you with custom-made sun protection of the highest quality that will fit your individual needs.

VARISOL is known as a successful manufacturer of first-class awnings made in Germany.