VARISOL - Brand of Rödelbronn GmbH


"Wir sind Markisen." - "We are awnings."
This is our statement, because a perfect awning is our claim.

Superb German quality awnings, which are easy to mount and provide secure sun protection - that is what the brand VARISOL is known for. We' re producing shading systems with passion since 1965.

Out of the products names UNI-SOL and VARI-SOL the protected Name VARISOL arose.

We collaborate with hundreds of retailers in Germany and our international retailers spread across 18 countries worldwide.

In Moenchengladbach (North Rhine-Westphalia), we combine technical drawings, individual construction and single-unit production (metalworking shop), awning production and inspection and our sales and administration department within an area of 10.000 sqm.

This enables a constant develpoment and a carefully performed quality control. 

In addition to high quality awnings we also offer first class service - from consulting during the offer preparation through technical examination and installation advice. 

You are a specialized Company within ths Industry as well and are still searching for a manufacturer in Germany, the offers high quality products, guidance and technical advices? 

Inquire here for cooperation with VARISOL.



VARISOL - Brand of Rödelbronn GmbH
VARISOL - Brand of Rödelbronn GmbH
VARISOL - Unser Kundenservice überzeugt
We are experts in awnings
Enjoy shade with our awnings
Enjoy shade with our awnings