Impressions of our factory - various departments are located in one single production site

Our production area measures 10.000 m².

Thanks to the wide range of processing options and our own technical construction department, special solutions or special fixings for special assembly situations can also be realised.

From technical production to the manufacture of individual parts, from the construction of the awning to packaging and dispatch, the entire production process takes place in one single location. Due to this range of manufacture and constant controls we achieve a very high quality.

For the coloured coating of the components as well as the special fixings an own powder coating system is available. The articulated arms are produced on a computer-controlled special machine, which was designed and manufactured in-house.

The majority of the necessary processing on the awning components is carried out in our own metalworking shop. Highly precise, partly CNC-controlled processing machines, continous production control and careful final assembly guarantee the high quality of all awning components.

CNC processing
component production
component production

The production area consists of two halls (extensions in 2013) connected by a rail system. The second hall houses the coating machine, which is divided into four stations. The so-called shuttles bring the awning components for coating via the rail system to the adjacent hall. Special suspensions and manual post-processing ensure the high quality of the coating. After passing through the four coating stations, the components are returned to the production in the first hall and the components are assembled.

The installation places for the assembly of the awnings are also our own constructions. The different awning types can be manufactured flexibly and efficiently at the workstations. A final inspection of each finished awning ensures the high quality of the products.

Rödelbronn GmbH Produktion
preparation of parts
mounting of awning
awning construction
fitting of fabric
covering with awning fabric

With ergonomic lifting devices, the packaged awnings are assigned to the various tours and customers in easy-running and manoeuvrable transport vehicles. The awnings are then delivered to the VARISOL retail partners mainly with our own vehicles, partly also with selected house forwarding agents. The delivery takes place in the form of daily or weekly tours from door to door, without unnecessary handling. For this purpose, several trucks and service vehicles are constantly in use.

Rödelbronn GmbH Produktion
quality control
awnings ready for distribution
ready for distribution
this is where the journey starts
the journey starts here