The wide range of fabric designs


We offer a diverse range of fabric designs in a variety of colours. To provide our customers with a wide spectrum of modern designs and first-class fabrics, we cooperate with multiple cloth-weavers such as Sattler, PARÀ, Serge Ferrari etc.

The basic configuration of VARISOL awnings comes with acrylic fabrics. Thereby you can choose from a range of more than 200 different designs, which you can explore in our current fabric collection.
Vertical roller blinds are likely to be sold with screens, i. e. see-through material, usually made of polyester.

Below you can find the "Sattler Design Selector" (not available on some mobile devices), to pick your favorite acrylic fabric. The design selector enables to get a digital impression of what your individual awning may look like.

Please never select your awning fabric on the basis of the digital photo only, but make your selection at your local VARISOL-dealer.
The screen display and the original fabric may differ considerably from each other!