Conservatory Blinds

Varisol's range of conservatory blinds offers customised sun and heat protection. Installed on top of an outdoor roof or sunroom, the shade dispensers absorb most of the sunlight before it can enter the building.

Thus our conservatory awnings ensure that they always keep a cool head even in a comfortable conservatory.

The VARISOL conservatory awnings are attached to the roof of the conservatory and thus prevent the penetration of too strong solar radiation and heat.

The top product in the conservatory segment, the VARISOL W500, is beyond that with an optional deflecting curve available. This makes an additional vertical loss possible of the awning and protects thus also with low standing evening sun.



VARISOL Conservatory Blinds

VARISOL W350 Small Conservatory Blind

The VARISOL W350 was developed as an external sun protection especially for installation over smaller conservatories. For this purpose it has an attractive and extremely compact awning box as well as narrow guide rails. 

VARISOL W450 Flexible Conservatory Blind

Sloping glass panels or roofs with hipped sides require special awning constructions. Our conservatory blind W450 therefore adapts to different conditions: It has guide rails that can be moved variably inwards.

VARISOL W500 Large Conservatory Blind

Large conservatories need the VARISOL W500!

...and expand the use of your W500 even further! An optionally available deflection arch enables an additional vertical drop of the blind's fabric.

This gives you increased protection from low sun or curious glances. Enjoy the most comfortable operation:

The textile tension straps in connection with the Teflon-bearing deflection rollers allow a particularly smooth running of the awning.

VARISOL W550 Large Conservatory Blind with ZIP

VARISOL offers with the conservatory awning W550 the optimal sun protection solution for conservatories, solar houses and Pergolen. The large conservatory awning with lateral Zip-fabric-guidance is conceived for the attachment over the glass roof and provides for an outstanding

Temperature-relief as soon as the solar radiation becomes more intense.